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Leg Wraps - Clearance

Ylva The Red

Regular price $150.00
Leg Wraps - Clearance

Wondering why we have one set of leg wraps, separate from our regular listing? 

Well it turns out, we got to the end of our batch of weaving and only had enough for a set of 3 metre long wraps, instead of our regular 4 metre wraps. That's the only difference! Still the same quality 100% wool weave, still finished by hand with linen thread. Just a bit shorter!

And because this is an unusual occurrence, we're selling them at an unusually low price! This is a once off, though. Can't promise you'll see us stock them this short again any time soon.


Woven to width (~10cm) so no overlocked edges and no need to hand stitch the edges yourself.


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