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Short Wool Hose

Ylva The Red

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Short Wool Hose
Short Wool Hose
Short Wool Hose

 Give your outfit some colour in true medieval style! Matched socks is old news, this is where it's at!

Mi-parti (or parti-coloured) clothing was worn from approximately 1200 - 1400 CE and it wasn't uncommon for the men and women of a household to have coordinated outfits in this style. 

Whether you dare to go miparti or play it safe with matching hose, they will certainly be warm!

Machine sewn inner seams, visible stitches by hand.

Garters not included.

Size is measured from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe.
If your measurements don't suit what I have in stock, please contact me about getting a pair custom made for you!

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