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Here are some of my Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you make the garments or on-sell from someone else?

All clothing is made here in northern Melbourne, Victoria! I have a little studio room I work out of, giving me the freedom to make high quality unique garments.

Will they take forever to get to me?

Premade items listed on our website can usually be shipped within a week of placing your order, within Australia. However, during peak times and the Christmas period, this can be longer. For specialised custom orders, I have a wait list. If you have a special event you need your garments for, please contact me with plenty of time for it to be delivered to you!

How can I be sure I'm ordering the right size?

Rather than using sizes like small/medium/large for my clothing, I prefer to use the actual dimensions of the garment so you have an accurate idea of what you're buying. The best way to work out if it's going to fit you is to grab a measuring tape and check your measurements!

For garments that have zips, buttons or ties to fasten them closed, you should be able to order an item the either matches your measurements or is the next largest size. This means if your torso measurement is 115cm, but you have a choice between 110cm or 120cm, choose the 120cm.

For garments that do NOT have zips, buttons or other fasteners, like tunics, add a minimum 10cm to your largest relevant measurement. This means if your torso measurement is 115cm, you'll be looking for a garment with a torso measurement of at least 125cm. This is to make sure your garment can fit over your shoulders/hips/etc!

When items are available in multiple sizes, I will have a size chart to help you make the best decision for your garment. Check the photos on the listing to see the size chart.

Do you offer group/bulk order discounts?

Yes, but you will need to get in touch with me BEFORE placing your order, so I can give you a unique discount code.

Postage or Pick-up?

If you are within the Melbourne Metro area, I do offer the option for you to pick up directly from me at my studio, or at an agreed upon Swordcraft or Exodus time & location. If you are outside of this area, or want it posted to you anyway, please ensure you select a postage option other than the pick-up option when you check out. 

If you select the Pick-up option accidentally, but actually wanted it posted, get in contact with me and I'll help you sort it out.

 Are your products historical or fantasy?

Both! I make some things that are loosely based on historical items and fit in well with LARPers, but I ALSO make things with strong historical evidence. Have a look at an item's description; If there's information about what evidence it's based on, you can then assess whether it's right for your historical persona. If you want to know more info about a particular items historical value, you can email us!

Who are LARPers?

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, and LARPers are the people who participate in LARP. There are many groups around the world who create fantasy worlds for their players and run events that are super fun! If you're from Victoria, look up Exodus, Swordcraft, After The Fall or Living Sagas for fantastic LARP events.

What about those of us who love historical accuracy?

Maybe you can look at re-enactment then! There is a thriving re-enactment scene in Australia. From Vikings in groups like the New Varangian Guard (NVG), to the high Middle Ages with groups like Juvenis of Accendo Sarcalogos (JOAS), or even Multi-period groups who explore many different parts of history, like The Fyrd, there is sure to be a group that suits you!

What about items not listed on your website? Can you make other stuff?

At the present moment, I am not accepting new orders for custom items. My wait list has grown too long!

Hand dyeing? What do you use to dye your materials?

Well, that very much depends. On some items, I use commercial dyes. These dyes last longer and stand up to machine washing a lot better, but aren't as nice for the environment.

However, I much prefer to use historical/natural dyes. The exact dye stuff we use will vary depending on what colour I'm trying to achieve, and these dyes don't tend to be as bold (with a few exceptions). The process is also a bit more expensive as it requires more dye stuff, preparation and attention. It does produce some beautiful results, if you are looking for accuracy, or a more immersive look!

Please keep in mind that hand dyed material may not have a perfectly even colouring, and while I do my very best to photograph stock accurately, the colour may vary slightly.

If an item is hand dyed with natural dyes, it will mention the description which dyestuff was used, in case of allergies.

If I like an item on this website, but I want/need it altered, can you do it?

At present, I am only able to offer minor alterations to existing stock items.

I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere, can you help me?

I'll certainly do my best! Researching new pieces is always one of my favourite parts of the process,  so I'll help figure out what's needed for your special project.

Can I try stuff on before I buy?

If you're local to Melbourne, you are very welcome to organise a time with me to come try some things on! I also can be found at many events throughout the year and some Swordcraft sessions. Just get in touch and we'll figure a time out!

I can't get enough of your work! How can I get more Ylva The Red in my day?

Check out my Youtube channel, my Facebook or my Instagram to see more of what I do, to learn from my tutorials, or to just hang out!

If I have other questions, how can I ask you them?
You can message me through the 'Contact Us' form on this website, you can send me a message on our Facebook page, or you can email me directly using this email: