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About Us


Ylva The Red is a historical reenactor and Youtuber, based in the northern Melbourne suburbs, focused on the creation of historical and historically-inspired clothing and supplies.

As a member of the reenactment community themselves, Ylva is always striving for quality and durability, with their own take on history.

After embarking on this adventure, Ylva later realised that members of the LARP community were discovering their brand as well, which encouraged them to branch out into historically-inspired items alongside their existing products. 

While Ylva The Red carries a range of historical and fantasy clothing in stock, they also offer a bespoke service, allowing customers to have items made in colours and fabrics of their choosing, or customers can bring their own design  to discuss having something truly unique made just for them!

When able, Ylva The Red’s crew attend community events right across Victoria and occasionally interstate ones, as well as providing providing private one-on-one sessions or small group classes. During Covid-19 lockdowns, Ylva has been working on collating research to produce more high quality content for her Youtube channel.

Ylva The Red is committed to sustainable practices, including waste reduction, ethical sourcing, slow fashion principles and ensuring fair prices for the work needed. 

Comfort and practicality are key design elements, so no matter whether you’re a commoner in the marketplace, royalty at court, or a shieldmaiden holding the line, you can look and feel the part in quality custom clothing from Ylva The Red.